Turn to Me: An Erotic Romance

Harley Easton
Turn to Me: An Erotic Romance


Self Pub
Release Date
October 2014
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Chrissy Lorcan and her co-worker, Detective Landen Sutherlund, have never particularly gotten along, but Chrissy knows it's because Landen is hiding his true self. She's lived with werewolves her entire life. Landen has only recently discovered their existence. Will a weekend at the lake be enough for her to teach him how to deal with the wolf inside or will secrets and sexual tension break them?

"So you know..." He hesitated.

Chrissy decided to continue for him. "How sometimes you can hear a pen scratching two rooms away? How super-healing sounds like a great thing until it burns like hellfire in your veins? How the moon sings in your blood on nights like this and all you want to do is eat, and hunt, and..." Chrissy trailed off, taking a sip of wine. She was not drunk enough to mention how lycanthropy heightened arousal, but she was pretty sure Landen sensed her unspoken words.

"And you're not scared?"

She looked down to see his finger tracing the seam of her jeans. "Of you?" Chrissy bit back a laugh. "Landen, you're too worried. I've been around wolves my whole life. I can't even date humans anymore. It takes a wolf to--"

Chrissy didn't get a chance to finish the statement. Landen lunged, and she found herself falling backward off the chair. He caught her in his arms, his lips pressing fiercely to hers. Both glasses clattered to the floor as he held her close, firmly supporting her back with one hand while the other fought with the button on her jeans. A deep growl rumbled in his throat as Chrissy stared into his now golden eyes.

She whimpered in response and grasped his shoulders. Landen gently lowered her to the floor before ripping the jeans from her body. After months of careful words and avoided situations, his impatience was thrilling. Chrissy reached for him, but his long fingers gripped her wrists and pressed them into the floor above her head. He straddled her, assessing his prey with an appreciative gaze.


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