Earl of Grayson

Amanda Mariel
Earl of Grayson
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Brook Ridge Press
Release Date
February 2018
Historical Romance

Damien Archer, Earl of Grayson and Lady Charlotte Lawson are opposite in every way. Where his coloring is dark, she has blond tresses and blue eyes. Charlotte's alabaster skin tone is a stark contrast to Damien's sun-kissed tan. He is tall at six feet three inches while she is short at barely over five feet tall. Furthermore, her cheerful disposition is in stark contrast to his brooding nature. But most bothersome of all is his tendency to flaunt society's rules while she follows them without fail.

Damien desires nothing more than to spend his time carousing, drinking, and gambling while Charlotte spends hers at afternoon teas, balls, and musicals. She is a true lady and he a determined rake. When their paths cross they have every reason to turn in the opposite direction, and yet they cannot seem to avoid one another. Passions flare, putting them both at risk. They stand not only to lose their reputations, but more importantly, their hearts.

Book Review by Blue (reviewer)
Nov 05, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Eleven years ago, during Lady Charlotte's debut season, she and Damien (Earl of Grayson) fell in love. They didn't quite become lovers, but when it became clear that Charlotte expected a marriage proposal, Damien knew that he had to end the relationship. After their split, Charlotte became a wallflower, rebuffing all her prospective suitors, while Damien became a rake, a gambler, and a drinker.

Though Charlotte is not the vibrant and confident woman she once was, she knows that she wants a husband and family. Because of her previous actions, she's no longer approached, and she wants to gain the attention of marriage minded men, but the problem is, she doesn't know how. Feeling that her problems can be laid at Grayson's door, she approaches him to ask for his help.

Grayson is shocked at Charlotte's request, and shaken to find that she can still affect him after all these years. While he has no desire to coach her on attracting men, guilt drives him to agree. Funny how none of the men seem good enough for Charlotte, and how the thought of another man becoming her husband tears him to pieces.

Throughout this short novella, we are teased with the reason Grayson chose not to marry. I have to admit to being disappointed when it was finally revealed. Yet, when he finally gets his head together and realizes that he wants to have Charlotte for himself forever, she has moved on and is about to make permanent plans of her own.

EARL OF GRAYSON is a second chance at love story, one of my favorite tropes. Charlotte pined for Grayson for years, and I applaud that she finally found the courage within herself to move on, and to call Grayson out for his actions toward her back when they were courting. I think that Grayson himself was just too immature at the time, and let fear rule his actions. It took the reality of seeing Charlotte moving on that finally jolted him into becoming the man he was meant to be, and pursuing the love he foolishly threw away.
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