Gift-Wrapped in a Kilt

Anna Durand
Gift-Wrapped in a Kilt
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Jacobsville Books
Release Date
November 2018
Book 4 of Hot Scots
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy

Cold days. Steamy nights. It must be the holidays in the Highlands.

When an American ex-Marine falls for a Scottish lass, the sparks are explosive. But Gavin Douglas botches his proposal, leaving Jamie MacTaggart hurt and angry. She makes a different offer: sizzling sex with no strings and no intimacy. He'll do anything to get her back, even accept her crazy proposition, because he hasn't traveled halfway around the world to give up without a fight.

Five years ago, Jamie gave up her family and her beloved homeland to satisfy a man, only to wind up humiliated and alone. She vowed never to repeat that mistake. When Gavin offers her a credit card instead of a ring, after eighteen months of intercontinental romance, she fears he's just like the man who hurt her before. After all, Gavin doesn't get along with her brothers…

From Halloween to Christmas, Gavin will do whatever it takes to win back Jamie — and somehow earn the approval of her overprotective brothers. Regaining Jamie's trust is hard, but winning over her stern brother Rory may prove the hardest task of all. As the two men engage in a battle of wills and muscles, Gavin must defeat his inner demons and Jamie's ex-fiancé or risk losing everything.

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Dec 10, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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GIFT-WRAPPED IN A KILT (Hot Scots #4) by Anna Durand is a sexy contemporary romance set around the Christmas holiday in the Scottish Highlands. This addition to the series can be read as a standalone as the author does explain family relationships from previous books.

Jamie MacTaggart is the youngest of the MacTaggart siblings. She has had a trans-Atlantic relationship with the older brother of her American sister-in-law for the last year and a half. It was love at first sight and has continued to flourish even with the separations. When Gavin comes to Scotland for the holidays, Jamie expects a ring, but that is not what she gets. Gavin is no longer the take charge ex-Marine she fell in love with and she is tired of waiting and dumps him.

Gavin Douglas came to Scotland to propose to Jamie, who is the love of his life, but his mouth is not cooperating with his brain. Gavin lost his job in America, has inner demons that will not be silenced and cannot deal with his overprotective brothers-in-law. He wants time to sort through everything, but the return of Jamie's ex-fiance and the scheming of his sister-in-law force him to make his decisions about their relationship quickly and there is the matter of Jamie using him for sex only since she dumped him.

Gavin vows to win Jamie back by Christmas, but both Gavin and Jamie need to deal with some emotional baggage and family ties before they can come together forever.

Finally, Jamie and Gavin get their story. These two had such a whirlwind relationship and sex life, but they had issues from their pasts that had to be faced. The author did resolve their issues in a realistic way that had the H/h finally communicating between themselves and their family members. I must admit that there were times I was frustrated by Gavin and wanted to kick his butt for being so wimpy in the first half of the story. I felt all of the family scheming and interference was done with love for both Jamie and Gavin. The sex scenes, as in all of this series, are steaming hot and explicit. This is an entertaining addition to the series.
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