Succubus Heart

Lina Jubilee
Succubus Heart
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Crimson Fox Publishing
Release Date
January 2019
Book 2 of Succubus Sirens
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Her aura takes powers away. Ally or foe, no Natch or Nelian elf can rely on their supernatural strengths in the proximity of the Nelian princess. Superpowered battles devolve into pandemonium when she enters the fray.

The only elf in her planet's history to have nullification powers, Alanna felt an outcast in her own village, but she knew she could always rely on her brother, the king of Nelia, and Xerxes, his best friend, to make her smile. Certain she would wed Xerxes one day, her heart was shattered when Xerxes led a coup against her brother, determined to take over the strange human-populated planet called Earth in his own way.

With her brother back in power, Alanna exiles herself to Earth, alone—until she finds herself the target of a band of underground Natch rebels wary about her brother's hold over the planet. Now she has four Natch men lusting after her, despite the fact that they lose all hope of winning in their crusade whenever she's near. And though her lust has only ever led her to heartbreak, Alanna can't stop herself from falling for each and every hot-blooded member of the maverick team.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Jan 18, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SUCCUBUS HEART is the second book in the Succubus Sirens series. Although I have not read book one, I do not feel this had a negative impact at all on my enjoyment of this book.

We meet with Alana, a Nerilan princess who has voluntarily exiled herself due to her power, which nullifies any power anyone else has. Her brother, the King, still keeps an eye on her, but she is trying to keep everyone at a distance. This changes when she allows herself to be kidnapped. She feels the bond with the four males, but knows they won't be feeling it as they are not Nerilan.

This is a fast-paced Reverse Harem story, with Alana knowing instantly about her mates, although they are slower on the uptake. There are four separate scenes, and one at the end where they are all together. Each scene has a different 'flavour', helping the reader to see more about the character being written about.

There were no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading flow. The pacing is smooth, and the world-building is very good. I'm guessing this is where my lack of book one shows, as there were parts I would have liked more information on, but still, that's just me.

The finale of this book was perfect for this story, and yet it leads nicely on to the next one, which also sounds like it will be an extremely good read. This book kept my interest from the very beginning, and I enjoyed every scene. Absolutely recommended by me.
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