Four Knights In Alaska

Nyna Toney
Four Knights In Alaska


Nyna Toney
Release Date
October 2018
Contemporary Romance, Inspirational Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

Just as the Alaskan town of Accokeek is expanding, so too are the aspirations of its entrepreneurs. It takes money to make money, though, and that's where Yvonna Knightley's services come in. She'll gladly loan her clients the money they need provided that they play by her twisted rules.

Falling in line seems like the only option left for three best friends who make the mistake of borrowing from her in the first place until they discover a way to hit her where it hurts. In no time at all, Walter Phelps, Andrew Hamilton, and Paul Fassinger strike up a plan to get even, and, given the injustices suffered in the past, these men aren't just interested in money for their silence. However, things go awry almost immediately during their four-night rendezvous in a small cabin north of town when Yvonna refuses to make anything easy for them.

With Walter obsessed with doling out his own brand of questionable justice and Andrew thinking that his good looks will do all of the work for him, Paul finds himself constantly wondering if he even has it in him to go far enough to make her change her ways at all. Likewise, it becomes harder and harder for Yvonna to justify her cruelty toward her former clients when they prove to be more human than she had previously given them credit for. The four will discover that they have more in common than they think with each passing day and will find in place of their hatred something entirely new and unexpected.
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