Kristen Callihan
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Plain Jane Books
Release Date
October 2018
Book 3 of VIP
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

The first time I met Jax Blackwood things went a little sideways.

In my defense, I didn't know he was Jax Blackwood—who expects a legendary rock star to be shopping for groceries? More importantly, a blizzard was coming and he was about to grab the last carton of mint-chocolate chip.

Still, I might have walked away, but then he smugly dared me to try and take the coveted ice cream. So I kissed him. And distracted that mint-chip right out of his hands.

Okay, it was a dirty move, but desperate times and all that. Besides, I never expected he'd be my new neighbor.

An annoying neighbor who takes great pleasure in reminding me that I owe him ice cream but would happily accept more kisses as payment. An irresistible neighbor who keeps me up while playing guitar naked–spectacularly naked–in his living room.

Clearly, avoidance is key. Except nothing about Jax is easy to ignore—not the way he makes me laugh, or that his particular brand of darkness matches mine, or how one look from him melts me faster than butter under a hot sun.

Neither of us believes in love or forever. Yet we're quickly becoming each other's addiction. But we could be more. We could be everything.

All we have to do is trust enough to fall.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Dec 04, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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John is caught off guard when a wild-haired pixie kisses him in order to steal his mint chip ice cream. Stella Grey isn't your typical woman, and although she feels slightly guilty for stealing said ice cream while the hot dude stood there gobsmacked, she really, really liked it. In a twist of fate, the two end up living next door, her as the house and pet sitter in the penthouse next to his, since John turns out to be Jax Blackwood, international musical superstar. Stella has an innate sense for being what people need in their lives, but she never truly thinks about what she needs, just like John struggles just to get through the day sometimes. Can the two of them make a go of it, or are they just looking for two different things out of love?

FALL, book 3 in the VIP series, was nothing short of magnificent. John was refreshingly real, from his anxiety and suicide attempt to an outbreak of chlamydia, his character was 100% unique and damaged. I'm obsessed with the sweet romance between he and Stella, who is a totally intriguing character herself. I won't explain her job here, since it's more fun to learn about it yourself, but it is both weird and fabulous! These two are so flawed in their own ways, making their relationship one big beautiful train wreck, but I fell in love right along with the two of them and am perfectly ok with it!

Bottom Line: No OM/OW or sharing; mixed condom use; no BDSM/kink; no sexual assault; no violence/murder.
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Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Dec 12, 2018   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Kristen Callihan's FALL was a poignant and touching story of two people shrouded in darkness and together they become each other's light. When Stella and John meet, sparks fly and Stella is ready to take him down. Why? Because John has his hand on the last carton of The Mint and a blizzard is coming. To get it back, Stella does something unthinkable and it sets the bar high for the level of exchanges that take place as these two eventually find themselves in a relationship that neither think they should have but the chemistry and ease of interplay between the two is downright compulsive--as in, I couldn't stop reading.

So let's get to it.

As Ms. Callihan states in the Author Note, John is a survivor of a suicide attempt, and I applaud her decision to tell his story, which she does with sensitivity. I loved that she was willing to put herself out there telling a story with imperfect people and she did so eloquently without coming across as contrived or preachy. She worked the details of John's depression into the story all the while depicting a smart, funny, creative, and downright sexy man who is far more than the sum of his suicide attempt. He's everything and more. Stella was a lovely counterbalance to his darkness in all her red-headed, punk rock, glory. She was instantly likeable to me and remained so throughout the story. The secondary characters fit well giving us a sense of history and they greatly added to the story. And yes, this is a romance that's sweet and funny and charming and reminds you that dreams really can come true even when you don't think you deserve them.
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