Jingle Cells

Angie McMann; Nikki Kaur Maan
Jingle Cells

Release Date
November 2018
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Reality-Based Romance (TM), Romantic Comedy

In this holiday romance, routine-loving, responsible Evelyn is shocked when Noah, the young and attractive waiter from her favorite restaurant, asks her out. She's secretly attracted to him, but the prospect of dating a younger man terrifies her. Will Noah be able to prove that a seven-year age gap is nothing when it comes to love?

Jenna has been dodging her best friend Evelyn's attempts to set her up with her brother, Adam, when a call to a wrong number puts her in touch with a stranger she only knows as West Coast—and with whom she develops a magnetic connection. Who is he, and is he worth pursuing?

When Adam crashes a holiday weekend, Jenna discovers her best friend's brother Adam isn't the momma's boy she always assumed he was. But will his sudden appearance destroy her chance to meet the charming and mysterious West Coast? Who will she choose?
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