Saddled Up

Penny Birch
Saddled Up
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Xcite Books Ltd
Release Date
December 2010
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Amber Oakley is back! Determined as ever to avoid getting her bottom smacked but her own deep needs and the awkward circumstances she finds herself in trying to solve her financial difficulties mean otherwise.

Offering riding tuition to girls from wealthy families seems like a good idea, but Portia and Ophelia Crowthorne-Jones prove to have a few ideas of their own, and are soon indulging both their lesbian desires and their cruel sense of humour at Amber's expense. Will she end up as their plaything, or can she turn the tables and teach the little brats the lesson they so clearly deserve?

Book Review by Sugarbeat's Books (reviewer)
Aug 20, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SADDLED UP combines spanking, some naughty girls and some exciting raw sex. Amber and her girls serve up an ultra hot, fetish-filled steamy novel worthy of a look!

Amber Oakley is a fan of spanking! As the story says at the beginning, "Some girls need to be spanked." SADDLED UP is the story of Amber, her love of spanking and the various people she comes into contact with. Amber is embarrassed of her need to be spanked. She doesn't tell anyone. She keeps it a secret. To get her fix, she visits Hannah Riley at an out of the way trailer park. She's sure she will never run into anyone she knows there, assuring her of the anonymity she wants to cover up her needs. Her inability to act normally eventually lands her in trouble. She's spotted by some locals and her secret is out. Although Amber prefers women, she finds herself spending time with men at times. The first scene with Sebastian is unbelievably awkward at the same time that it's unbelievably hot!

SADDLED UP is an incredibly hot women's erotica. For fans of spanking and women's erotica, this book should be a must buy. The story romps along, at times awkward because of Amber's innate lack of social skills, at times racing from one scene to the next. The characters are well developed and make for very interesting reading. Some of them the reader loves to hate, others, the reader cheers on.

All in all, SADDLE UP is an explicitly, fetish-filled romp of a book. Well worth a look!
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Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Sep 03, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Have you been waiting and wondering about Penny's ex-girlfriend Amber? Wait no more; Amber's story is here. Amber is a bisexual switch with preference for females. Amber, similar to her friend, Penny, is a dirty naughty girl with deviant sexual tastes. We find Penny renting out her land to a mother with two uppity young daughters for their horseback riding. Penny finds herself submitting to sex and spankings through blackmailed by the two young girls. The reason for the blackmail is apparent in the end, when all relationships are revealed.

In this story, we learn a more about Amber's spanking proclivities. Basically, Amber needs to be spanked, frequently. She also enjoys spanking young females. I do enjoy a good spanking story and Ms. Birch is one of my favorite femdom authors. Her stories are filled with tasty taboo sex. This is the first book I've read of hers that was merely an okay book for me.

Ms. Birch's writing style is fine. Her story flowed and there were no glaring loopholes or unnecessary scenes. What bothered me about this book is the slutty easy way Amber was forced into sex she didn't initially want. I also didn't enjoy the way she kept submitting in this book to people who were "lesser" than her. I was rather disappointed in Amber's tale of submission. The Amber I knew from the other Penny books was much stronger and dominant than the Amber in this story. The scenes were still very hot and the f/f sex is always deliciously deviant with Ms. Birch. The forced sex with men she didn't like in ways she didn't like is always a guilty pleasure to read.

I recommend reading this book to those who enjoy femdom. For those who enjoy reading about an adult disciplined by a younger woman, this book is for you.
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