Le Remède

Densie Webb
Le Remède


Wild Rose Press
Release Date
November 2018
Paranormal Romance

Le Reméde

Vincent Dubois, husband, father and professor at Ècole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris is turned in 1865 at the age of 27 when, a woman he barely knew, invaded his home and killed his pregnant wife and his four-year old son. She tells him that he will learn to love her. He escapes her influence, but is filled with self-loathing for what he must do to survive. By chance, he learns that he can take what he needs without taking a human life.

In London, 1895, he encounters Gus, a malicious Kindred turned at the age of 15. Gus coerces Vincent to join him and his fellow Kindred in what turn out to be a blood orgy. As Gus urges him on, he comes close to giving in to temptation, but escapes.

In 1925 he meets Nicholas, a fellow Kindred, in an alley in Berlin, tortured over his most recent kill. Nicholas, like Vincent, is revolted by his uncontrollable urges. They form a bond and share a vow not to take another life. When WWII begins, they leave Germany for New York. To go undetected, they have created a series of successful businesses, rotating the 5 boroughs. Now in Manhattan, they spend their days at the florist shop, The Black Orchid, and their nights at local bars, their hunting ground. Gus shows up at The Black Orchid, claiming he has a cure that will revert Vincent back to being human. He says he will give Vincent the last dose, if he can find the ingredient needed to create more of the elixir—a rare orchid.
Andie Roge is trying to get her life on track. Still dealing with the unemployment, and the exit of her fiancé, she has yet to gain control of her life. She finds solace in picking up the genealogy trail her mother had begun, to trace her roots back to France. She discovers that, Aurelia Galland, the woman who turned Vincent is her ancestor and that Gus is her son. Aurelia reappears to reclaim Vincent, resulting in a "Sophie's Choice" for Vincent--Andie or Nicholas, his Kindred companion.


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