Pride 18 Anthology - Belong

Whitney Cannon; L. B. La Vigne
Pride 18 Anthology - Belong


Avid Publishing
Release Date
September 2018
Clean Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Reality-Based Romance (TM), Vamps & Shifters Romance

Pride18 [Belong] - Whitney Cannon & L.B La Vigne
In the spirit of Pride 2018, we all wish to belong somehow, somewhere. The ultimate satisfaction one could enjoy is belonging and fitting it, knowing one's place in the big scheme of things. Check out these stories from Whitney Cannon and L.B La Vigne that would blow your mind away.

Vanilla By Whitney Cannon

Wendel has struggled his whole life to fit in. His stutter has always left him with few if any friends; none of them boyfriends. Surviving in a life of solitude, Wendel needs to decide if risking the sanctuary he has created for himself is worth sharing his darkest truths. Can he step out of the shield he hides behind to give someone the chance to accept him for who he really is? Or, will the results of how he's been treated in the past, keep him from taking a chance on possible acceptance?

Taming The Vampire by L.B La Vigne

When Matt finds a vampire on the beach who's into rough sex, he can't help but take him home. They engage in a series of depraved acts, all of which are consensual. But when Matt has to go to a family funeral for a few days, he leaves Chris, his vampire lover, in the hands of someone with sinister motives


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