My Christmas Dream

Marilyn Miles
My Christmas Dream
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October 2018
Clean Romance

I never really expected my dream to come true.

Yet, there I was, standing on a ladder, organizing and cleaning shelves in my very own bookstoreŚwell, mine, Aubrey's and our not-so-silent partner, her husband, Josh.

I'd dusted as high as I could reach, until I was forced to stand on a step-ladder to get to the very top shelf.

As I reached for a box of books, sparkling dust motes drifted slowly down from the shelf and I felt a tickling sensation in my nose. Uh-oh. With one hand, I grabbed the dust rag I'd left on the shelf, and held it up to my face.

Ah-choo. Ah-choo. Ah-choo!

I sneezed with such violence, the overloaded box slipped from my grasp and fell to the floor. The cardboard ripped apart and dozens of paperback books scattered across the carpet.

Startled, I pulled back abruptly from my precarious perch on the very top of the rickety wooden ladder. As I grabbed at air, the dust wand flew from my fingers and I found myself falling with the ladder. But before I could hit the floor, strong arms caught me. In a daze, I stared at the ladder, before I turned my head and gazed into the hazel-colored eyes of the tall, dark-haired man who held me.

Book Review by Avonna Loves Genres (reviewer)
Jan 05, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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MY CHRISTMAS DREAM by Marilyn Miles is a holiday novella that features a young woman going through many personal life changes. I feel this story is more of a coming of age Women's Fiction book with elements of romance than a contemporary romance. There is no sex in this book and it is more inspirational than romantic.

Jorden "Jordie" Butler has her hands full. She is excited to be the new co-owner of her small town's local bookstore with her friend Aubrey. Jordie's share of the purchase is to be in sweat equity, while Aubrey's husband pays the down payment. While trying to make their business profitable, Jordie is also going to college part-time while living at home again on her parent's farm to help out her parents.

As the days pass, Jordie barely has time to sleep. Aubrey is too busy with her young children to really help run the bookstore. A bright spot in Jordie's hectic life is a stray cat that she finds outside the bookstore. When Jordie shows up one morning to find the bookstore broken into, she is as worried about the cat as the store.

Gilbert "Gib" Gibson has returned to town and is working as a handyman. Aubrey's husband hires him to install an alarm in the bookstore and do minor repairs. Jordie and Gib bond over Sylvester, the bookstore cat. Gib had met Jordie and her parents years before, but Jordie does not remember. Gib works his way into Jordie's busy life.

Jordie has many major decisions to make when she is told Aubrey's husband wants out of the bookstore and Gib has not been completely forthright with Jordie about his reasons for being in town.

This story is centered around Jordie and her decisions. Although a great idea for the resolution of Jordie's problems is written as Gib's idea, it takes Jordie and her family to put it into action. The story has the beginning of Gib and Jordie's relationship, but the romantic HEA is in the prologue only. This is a very sweet inspirational story that is a fast read for the holidays.
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