Rescued By Christmas

Marilyn Conner Miles
Rescued By Christmas


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November 2016
Clean Romance

"Well, as I see it, you have two options. You can either make up some excuse and tell Dane you can't ride to and from work with him anymore and stop worrying about getting caught, or tell him the truth."
"I‒I can't."
"Why not? Are you worried his family will take the horse away? I know you've always wanted one."
"No...well yeah, that too, but that's not it."
"Are you worried about how you will get to work—though why you moved somewhere so far out in the country that it doesn't have bus service, I don't understand." She shook her head
"No...although yeah, that is a problem right now without my car...But that's not it."
"Are you afraid you won't see him anymore if you don't have a reason to see him every day? By the way, I can't see that happening. From all you've told me, this guy likes you, Micah."
"That's the problem! I like him too. And if I tell him what I've been doing, sneaking around because I'm not supposed to have anything to do with him, what will he—and his family—think of me? They have a business too. They would expect their employees to follow the rules. At first, I did ride with him because I trusted him and I needed a way to get to work, that's true, but now—ˮ
"Now, you don't know how to tell him the truth without losing him," Jasmine finished for me.
I nodded.
"But you're risking losing your job, and girlfriend, you really need this job."
"I know."


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