Beautifully Broken

Sherry Soule
Beautifully Broken
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Moonlight Publishing
Release Date
August 2011
Book 1 of Spellbound Prodigies
Horror Romance


Please refer to the Newly Updated and Expanded 2017 Edition, WITCHY WICKEDNESS (book 1) in the Charmed Chronicles.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1548596873

Kindle eBook ASIN: B0058DE8YI

Book Review by Neis
Jul 30, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sherry Soule is not scared to jump right into the action!

When we first meet Shiloh, she is in a face off with a shadow man. He is determined to steal her soul but she manages to escape, with the help of powers she has yet to discover. Shiloh is a heritage witch, a witch born into a long line of witches. She has the ability to see shadow creatures and is coming into her magick. Because her family has turned away from their heritage, she is left on her own to learn how to use and harness her powers. She is being haunted by a wraith, who only has ominous warning for her, and she can see shades, the demons that live in the shadows. Will she be able to decipher the warning in time to break the curse on the town?

When she takes an internship as an architect assistant, she meets Evans. He is not only one of the top architects around but he is also a paranormal investigator. He begins helping her train, teaching her spells and how to control her power. He also helps her research the curse and together they hope to defeat the shadow man that is stealing away the teenagers in town.

Trent Donovan is the new bad boy in town. He is tall, dark, and mysterious. He lives in a gothic mansion that his family abandoned years ago. The mansion is rumored to be hunted and cursed. It's also the same mansion that Shiloh is working to help restore. While Shiloh feels an instant attraction to him, it's not always clear that Trent feels the same way. There is something about Trent that makes me suspicious that there is more to him than we are seeing, something dark, maybe even evil.

BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN is an intriguing book with a great twist on the popular paranormal theme. Sherry Soule has wonderful way of describing the scene in full detail allowing you to fall into the story effortlessly. I often read what my teen is reading, and I think she will really love this one. Shiloh's internal dialog kept me laughing out loud and I'm sure it's something my teen will be able to relate to. I look forward to the second book of this series. I can't wait to see if, and how, Shiloh fulfills her destiny.
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