Jaymz Connelly
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Aspen Mountain Press
Release Date
April 2011
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

It's hard enough to make your own choices when you've got a family that keeps badgering you to conform, but it's even more difficult when you've got a matchmaking ghost hanging around. It becomes almost impossible when your beloved grandmother dies and leaves her estate to you, and an impossibly gorgeous man.

That's the situation Jamie Edmund finds himself in when his grandmother dies, and requests that Jamie and Billy Zahnders, her sister's grandson, share her cottage for a minimum of six months. Can Jamie resist his attraction to Billy long enough to thwart his grandmother's wishes, or will he eventually give in and realize that even going along with what others want is still making his own choices.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Jun 29, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ghosts, accents and hot gay men. That is one of the easiest ways to hook a reader, presuming of course you like ghosts and your heart flutters when a gorgeous man whispers sweet nothings in slightly twisted little words.

I don't like ghost stories. My reason – if the blurb of a romance book mentions a ghost, my first though is – damn, this can't end well. Because when do main characters, who are usually alive, end up with ghosts, who are not? But guess what, I just loved the ghost in this one.

This is a story about Jamie who has some issues with choices. He was sick and tired of people designing his life for him, so ever since the moment he came out as gay and destroyed his parent's plans, he decided to always do the opposite of what was demanded of him. What he didn't count on was an annoying ghost set on finding him a perfect match, and his grandmother dying.

Now, with an inheritance and a small request by his Nana, Jamie is stuck in a cottage with Billy, a man who inherited the other half of grandmother's riches. It doesn't matter that Billy is Jamie's wet dream or that he's perfect for Jamie in every way. For Jamie it is a set-up, orchestrated by the annoying, hovering ghost and his dead Nana. So where does that leave Jamie's freedom of choice?

My main issue with this story was the fact that I didn't like Jamie at all. Most of the time he was annoying, and not in a good way like Maury, the ghost, was. His reactions didn't feel real and his whole personality left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately the story is written in his point of view and most of it is told instead of shown.

The beginning failed to hook me, but once Billy came into the picture, I swear it was like a breeze flew through my room (no, my window wasn't open). Now Billy is a character each book should have. He is funny, sweet and isn't scared to bite when necessary. In all truth, I have no idea what he saw in Jamie as that part was never really explained. But I do wish there was more of him and it would have been a nice touch to add an interaction between him and Maury, even if it were through Jamie.

Now that leads me to another point. This book lacks explanations as well as consistency. While it starts with ghosts being the main focus, somewhere along the way their purpose is completely lost and it switches to romance, which is only half-felt. In a longer story that might have worked alright, but in it as it is right now, it feels almost as two stories, one about ghosts and the other about a budding romance.

This was my first read book from this author and overall it could have been better. With exploiting its positive points and giving us more of those brilliant and witty conversations, it certainly would have been more memorable. Still, for a lazy afternoon when you have extra time and need something easy, it's not a bad choice.
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