Wicked Truth

Raisa Greywood
Wicked Truth
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Release Date
December 2018
Book 2 of Wicked Magic
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance

Magic doesn't exist. I used to believe, but it was the wistful imagining of a child.

When the Duke of Denforth makes me his duchess, he shows me wonders beyond any fantasy. Instead of one husband, I'm blessed with three – the duke, and my guardians, Moses and Liam. Our scandalous passion cannot be denied as magic heats between us.

When I'm taken from my husbands, I must learn to embrace the power inside me. It terrifies me, but too much is at stake to give in to my fear.
Our lives are measured in centuries instead of years.

Lily Archer's magic is familiar and alien all at once. She's much more than she seems, and we can't wait to explore her secrets. She offers power beyond imagining, yet it's nothing compared to the joy she brings to our lives.

She even manages to charm a dragon.

But there are those who would use our wife for their own ends and steal her from us.

I am Myrddin, and we will topple a kingdom to get her back.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Jan 21, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Lily Archer is in an appalling position. Fallen prey to a scandal, she's being forced to marry an abusive drunk, all because she was caught unaware. Myrddin, the Duke of Denforth, steps forward and makes her his duchess, saving her and introducing her to undeniable passion and magic.

I don't make it a secret how much I enjoy historical romances and erotica, and add in tales of myths and legend and I am sold. My love of the stories of Merlin and Morgaine and all things fae go back to my childhood and I adored Raisa Greywood's reimagining of these characters for a more modern age. The added twist of Lily having three husbands was all the merrier as was their wicked (delicious) interactions that made Lily's original scandal so, so, mild in comparison. But can the love of her men save her when she's stolen away? Well, not entirely. For Lily has grown during her time with them and she's far stronger than anyone could imagine and definitely not quite human.

Likes: Where to begin…I really enjoyed Ms. Greywood's worldbuilding. The characters and events/plot were engaging and my likes (and dislikes) of the different characters were definitely under the author's control. I loved how Lily handled Drako and it served as some much needed levity at times. The scenes with Lily and her husbands were blistering, they were so hot and more than once, I had to put my Kindle down to let it cool off before I could pick it back up again. The darkness that exists in this story is well-balanced against all the light and the worse it gets, the more the love between these four grows until nothing can win against them.

Raisa Greywood's WICKED TRUTH is Book 2 of the Wicked Magic series and it keeps getting better and better.
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