Captain O'Reilly's Woman

Gwen Campbell
Captain O'Reilly's Woman
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Shadowfire Press
Release Date
May 2011
Book 1 of Love from the Ashes
Erotic Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

Her genes are in short supply and he's got baby maker written all over him.

The year is 21GWůtwenty-one years after the great war that killed ninety percent of the Earth's population. But the world is starting to recover. Parts of it anyway. The Army had been recruiting aggressively since the year 2GW, defending the borders and the peace. Medics like Corporal Samantha Cooper bring health care to communities that have been without more than bandages and butterfly kisses for twenty-one years.

Samantha's also got some rare genes and she's just been designated RI. Repopulation Imperative. It's an easy gig really. She just has to get herself knocked up. In return, she gets special privileges, compensation, and ensures the genetic diversity of the human race.

Problem is, the only man she's considering for the role of baby maker is her CO. Captain David O'Reilly's thirteen years older than her, a survivor and one of the most capable, honorable men she's ever met.

So how does a grunt ask a decorated officer to risk everything he's worked for in exchange for a hookup with benefits?

Book Review by yadkny (reviewer)
Jul 18, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The outlook on the world may seem bleak, but even during the most trying of times, all that's really needed is love.

The world has severely changed since the fallout of the great war and a New North America is struggling to emerge. Surviving communities are in need of stabilization, so that population regrowth can flourish more quickly. These are areas that lack the basics in food, water, medical, and electrical where bartering is the way to paying for goods and services instead of government-backed currency.

The Army aids these towns in their complete rebuilding process by establishing priorities and providing enough resources, education, and security to get started. The townspeople input and labor are vital, so that they can continue on a path of success when the Army pulls out.

In the midst of all the chaos are two people intent on bettering the world for future generations, one reclaimed town at a time. Their shared beliefs in the Army somehow bring them under the same squadron where David O'Reilly is Captain and Samantha Cooper is a medic. Fraternization between high and low ranking officers is forbidden, which left only unfulfilled desire. After two years of fantasizing, fate is about to hand Samantha new Army-issued orders that will change everything.

An absolutely eye-opening experience in reading this fantastic story! Ms. Campbell takes the unthinkable and makes it believable with emphasis on an enduring romance that won't be denied. David and Samantha's relationship starts a little backwards with the stipulations of her new RI assignment, yet their continued romantic development is engrossing. Samantha's maturity and intelligence constantly defied her age and my admiration for her grew with each page turned. David is physically impressive and could quite possibly rival the Hulk, but more than that is the humble hero brought to a new level of Alpha-maleness by a woman of small stature.

There wasn't a moment where I couldn't picture what was happening and in rich detail. All emotions are fully engaged throughout the plotline where harsh realities meld with humorous dialogue and erotic intimacy. The story should also be credited with a well-rounded completeness. By the end, I wasn't searching for more since there is an enjoyable balance of beginning, middle, and end. Since this is the first in a new series under Ms. Campbell, I'm really excited to see where this series will be taken next.

A phenomenal story with a phenomenal couple that will keep you reading to the last page. Highly recommended to lovers of romance.
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