The Viscount's Mishap

Linda Kaye
The Viscount's Mishap
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linda kaye
Release Date
July 2018
Book 1 of The Trouble With Brothers
Historical Romance

Masquerade balls are notorious for their fun, adventure, and opportunities to anonymously step a toe slightly over the line of societal correctness for an evening, and Lady Anna Ashworth has dreamed of attending her first for years. A chance encounter, a light flirtation, a dance that's a bit too close, and the next thing Anna knows she is alone with her mysterious knight allowing him far more liberties than she should ever consider. But when the masks come off at midnight, her dream becomes a nightmare as she realizes her admirer is none other than one of her brother's closest friends.
Parker Albany, Viscount Morely, despises society affairs and is known for his wild and rakish ways, but a masked ball provides an opportunity for a chance encounter. However, when he realizes who the mysterious woman is that has caught his attention, he reacts badly by scolding her for allowing him to seduce her.
Something about Lady Anna will not leave his thoughts, and he finds himself torn between what he thinks is right and what he knows he wants. But Anna is not so forgiving over his brutal set down. Can Parker ever make her absolve him of his behavior?

Book Review by Lilly (reviewer)
Mar 01, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Rating a book 3 stars is always difficult for me. Every time I have mixed feelings for a book, I rate it 3 stars. I cannot give it more, because I had some issues with the characters and with the story. But it's not bad either. I actually liked it and it helped me get out of my reading slump.

Let's start with the pros. I love the idea of protective brothers and best friends falling in love with the sister. The way the two realize their attraction to one another is fun to read about. The beginning pages were fun, I must admit. The banter between all our characters is great, even the way the brothers make fun of one another, without realizing that soon, each will follow in the other's footsteps.

Unfortunately, I did not like Anna. Her reactions in different scenes of the story were contradictory and her constant running away from problems made me tired. I do have my issues with Parker as well – at some point, he becomes too desperate for a man of his…experience with ladies. So my main concern when it comes to this novella is in regard to the characters.

I apologize for being a little vague with the action, but the story is quite short and I am tempted to spill out all about it.

Despite my dislikes, I enjoyed my time with Viscount Morely and Lady Anna and I do plan on reading all the stories in the series, especially James'. So 3 stars for now, but I am hoping I'll be able to give more for the other ones. Happy Reading!
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