All I Don't Want For Christmas

Sheri Lynn
All I Don't Want For Christmas


Leap of Faith Publishing
Release Date
December 2018
Contemporary Romance

Even someone wishing to avoid Christmas altogether isn't immune to the magic of the holidays.

Casey prides herself on her professionalism, her career is everything to her. She feels she does not need a personal life. She hates Christmas too, because of a very bad experience in her past. Christmas and all it entails makes her feel physically ill.

But when her boss, Jennings, needs her in Orlando and arranges for himself, Casey and their assistant, along with his young daughter to stay at his mother's, she is less than enthused. Being suddenly thrust into a hometransformed into a Christmas showcase forces Casey to confront the things she has done her best to avoid for years.

During the trip, her relationship with Jennings turns personal and physical, and Casey is caught between her business ethics and what she never thought she wanted. Can the spirit of Christmas and the heart of a child help Casey realize that not all men are the same, and that even she can have a Merry Christmas?

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