Triple Knockout

Jodi Redford
Triple Knockout
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Jodi Redford
Release Date
January 2019
Book 3 of Make Mine A Menage
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Romantic Comedy

Allie Saunders has a dirty secret. Make that two fantastically filthy secrets: Beau Colton and Van Mitchell. The leading stars of her fantasies also happen to be her brother's best friends. Hello, big fat hairy complication. It's no mystery why her unrequited crushes insist on keeping her at arm's length, but it doesn't stop her from wishing for the impossible.

When she discovers their dirty secret, the once forbidden is suddenly a tantalizing temptation and the key that could turn her dreams into a reality.
In addition to being co-owners of a boxing gym, Van and Beau share mutual tastes outside of the ring—they're both Doms. That's partly the reason for their unbreakable Bro Code where Allie is concerned. She's far too sweet and innocent for the edgy games they enjoy.

Or so they thought.

Their assumption—and willpower—is about to be tested. Big time. All courtesy of an annual Sub-For-A-Night charity event, and the irresistible, thoroughly off-limits woman who just stepped onto the auction block...

Warning: This wickedly hot MMF ménage contains two deliciously dirty boxers, a not-so-innocent dirty-talking heroine, dirty rope tricks, and dirty ways to break a sweat. Who says exercise can't be fun?

Book Review by LizDavDon (reviewer)
Mar 03, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TRIPLE KNOCKOUT (Make Mine a Menage #3) by Jodi Redford is an OMG MMF BDSM erotic romance that demonstrates the freedom of authentic sexual expression and loving without labels.


Allie has harbored hot 'n' heavy crushes on her brother Eric's hunky besties, Beau and Van, for over fourteen years. Spurred on by desire and curiosity, Allie learns that the objects of her lustful fantasies are sex clubbing Doms who live by a strict Bro Code designed to preserve their friendship with Eric and sweet Allie's innocence.

An enraged, sexually frustrated Allie vows to break Beau and Van's resolve by releasing her "inner nasty girl." So, she auctions herself off at Club Arabesque's Sub For A Night charity fundraiser hoping that Beau and Van will take her home. The guys are faced with a difficult decision--avoid the temptation of forbidden fruit or give into their baser instincts.


TRIPLE KNOCKOUT ticks off all the boxes on the "BDSM Erotic Romance Must-Haves Checklist"--a sexually adventurous woman, buff guys, taboo fantasies, sex club membership, domination, submission, bondage, vibrating toys, multitudinous orgasms (with, surprisingly, little recovery time), and steak consumption.

NOTE: A steak dinner is the go-to, pre-sex meal in many erotic romances. Perhaps this is because, much like riding a vibrating butt plug and performing oral sex while blindfolded, feasting on red meat is deemed risky behavior.

TRIPLE KNOCKOUT also contains erotic goodies that elevate into the sex stratosphere, such as a ménage à trois on a gym weight bench and DP action involving a combined total of twenty and a quarter inches of pleasure (based on Beau and Van's self- measurements).


Readers are likely to connect with Allie because her knowledge of BDSM comes from reading erotic romance novels. Her newbie enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and, at times, awkward humor are highly relatable given her unique situation.

Beau is Allie's "savior." How can you not love a man who tells you that you're perfect, and promises to "…pleasure every inch of your luscious body until you think you can't take any more." A less commanding Dom than Van, Beau is reluctant to admit his ultimate sub desires, which makes a fascinating "B" storyline.

Van is THE man. He is a confident, caring X-perienced Dom with a cocky attitude, upper body tattooes, and a penis piercing. Described as Allie's "tormentor," Van revels in the punishment he inflicts and in the pleasure he creates.


Jodi Redford is THE Mistress of Dirty Talk and Queen of Kink. Her BDSM play and sex scenes are deliciously graphic and languidly seductive. Sexual tension is effectively heightened with each tantalizing word spoken, each smoldering glance, and each "beckoning erection."

Although the actual setting of the story is ambiguous, Ms. Redford creates a world for her lusty trio in which polyamory and BDSM culture appears to be the norm. This depiction helps to fully immerse the reader in a continuous erotic headspace.


According to the Bro Code, Beau and Van stay away primarily to keep Eric from kicking their asses. Eric is portrayed as an aggressively protective older brother. However, he doesn't emerge as a serious plot complication. He is physically absent throughout the novel, and is more or less forgotten. When Eric finds out about his sister's involvements with Beau and Van, his reaction is briefly explained away in the epilogue.

An entertaining, but underutilized character is brash dominatrix Mistress Willow. She makes sporadic appearance and is instantly intriguing, but her purpose to the story is unclear.


TRIPLE KNOCKOUT is recommended to readers who enjoy insanely satisfying sex scenes, provocative prose, and tales of loving MMF triad relationships.

It seems only appropriate to send book love to Ms. Redford on TRIPLE KNOCKOUT's 4-star review much in the same way that Allie and Eric end their video calls--with an "affectionate middle finger salute."

Here's to you, Jodi Redford!
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