Blood Bond

Shannon K. Butcher
Blood Bond
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Silver Linings Media
Release Date
October 2018
Book 10 of The Sentinel Wars
Paranormal Romance

Justice has never known freedom. She woke up ten years ago, naked and alone with no memory of who or what she was. Since then, she's been a prisoner, compelled by powers she doesn't understand. She's roamed the country, doing whatever the fates demanded of her, good or bad. Completely alone.
Until now.
Ronan is starving to death. Like all the Sanguinar, his survival depends on finding the dwindling traces of blood left behind by an ancient, magical race. Weeks ago, Justice saved his life and since then, it's been her blood he craves, her face he dreams about.
As evil closes in on all sides, threatening the only stronghold the Sentinels have to protect them, Ronan must find a way to gain Justice's trust and free her from the dark powers that control her. Because if he can't, the next person she is compelled to kill may be him.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Feb 15, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Diving into a well-established series is difficult at times to orient oneself. However, BLOOD BOND, Ms. Butcher's 10th book in the series, is surprisingly easy to acclimate into from the very beginning. Highlights from previous stories are provided in a quick summary form, well integrated into the scenes. The world building seems to be a continuous expanding one as the reader learns more about the different worlds. There are some big reveals in this story which leads me to believe the previous books in the series may have been slowly building up to these big reveals. I enjoyed the instant gratification. This book can be read as a standalone, but it is recommended to read the previous books first.

The characters in this story are easy to like. Justice is a lone ranger who does what she's commanded. She never knows when she will be forced to take action. After years of this, she is numb to it and knows better than to resist. This lack of memory reminds me of a sleeper agent similar to Blindspot, a popular series on TV. I enjoyed this Jane Doe character who is trying to figure out her past and is able to solve so many cases with her unique abilities that she has no idea where she's learned them from. This is the same for Justice. She is obviously well trained and with no memories. She knows that she is fighting the good fight, just not sure which side she is exactly helping. She likes to convince herself she is doing the right thing.

This plot device is intriguing and Ms. Butcher does an excellent job of showing Justice's concerns, guilt and sometimes, remorse for what she's done. Due to her lack of control when she's "under the influence", she ends up with a solitary life until a Sanguinar (vampire) forces her to accept him as a friend and possible ally. Ronan's world is a bleak and depressing one. It seems hopeless for the good guys. The way his people have to live and eke out an existence is hard, full of disappointment and constant hunger. Justice could be a catalyst to turn the tides and her mysterious past only makes him want her more.

Their interactions are awkward mostly due to Justice's lack of social interaction. It's endearing and at times exasperating. Ronan's strong steady loyalty makes him the perfect mate to Justice's hopes and desires for stability. Their sexual chemistry is sweet. It is their defense of each other which is more captivating. Their desire to sacrifice for each other is poignant if a bit melodramatic. Still, in this world that Ms. Butcher has created, large gestures are the norm. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy a dystopian theme with paranormal twist.
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