Dangerous Liars

Naomi Bellina
Dangerous Liars

Naomi Bellina
Release Date
April 2017
Book 2 of Messed-Up Heroes
Action/Adventure Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

To get the position he craves, he'll break his vow to go straight. One more harmless con that won't hurt anyone. She'll do whatever it takes to reach her dreams. A little lying, a lot of stealing. But weaving a web of deceit demands a price, and they're both about to pay.

Jaxon has a mission. Retrieve a valuable emerald for an entry fee and join Maxime, the most prestigious club in the Secure States of America. No problem, if his ex-thief, super-hacker friend Riley can lower the shield around an island where the stone is hidden. And when he discovers a purple-eyed woman who can make herself invisible, he adjusts his plans to include her skills.

But Violet has plans of her own, and a guy who can knock down a shield will fit in nicely. To get her disfiguring scars repaired, she needs access to another island, so when opportunity knocks, she grabs it. Even if it means telling a few lies. Or stealing. Or putting herself in the crosshairs of a pissed-off drug dealer.

Working with Riley again on the other side of the law fires up cravings Jaxon thought he'd suppressed. While he struggles to escape the shadow of his notorious family and unlawful past, Violet faces old demons she'd rather keep buried. Focusing on their goals and keeping their agendas hidden, they travel from Maine to Florida, fighting each other, and a losing battle with lust and love.


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