Beautiful Stepbrother

Stoni Alexander
Beautiful Stepbrother


SilverStone Publishing
Release Date
January 2019
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Look, but don't touch​...

Thriving land developer Zander King lives to work and works to win. He's tightly wound, in complete control, and by the book. That makes him a great CEO… at a cost.

He could have his pick of the many beautiful women who throw themselves at him. But there's no room in his life for a girlfriend, let alone love. For him, relationships are physical and fleeting.

That is, until a shared tragedy reunites him with landscape photographer Savannah Morrissette. She's different. Gorgeous? Check. Sexy? Check. But she's got a sassy edge to her super laid-back vibe. And that makes her so damned irresistible.

When Zander learns Savannah is blocking the biggest deal of his career, he's determined to make her see things his way. But she's no pushover. He must find a way to work with her as their attraction—and temptation—escalate to a feverish pitch.

They say mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea. But how can it be wrong if it feels so right?

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