My Racy Reverse Harem Book Club

Lina Jubilee
My Racy Reverse Harem Book Club
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Caleo Press
Release Date
February 2019
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Nothing can keep Rose away from Romance Book Club at the library—not even the snowstorm of the century. Catching a ride home through the storm with Lance, the stunningly attractive librarian who happens to be her neighbor, and Vaughn, his chiseled, alluring housemate, Rose takes them up on their invitation to drop by sometime and join them for their own book club. Rose gets more than she bargained for when she's introduced to Rafael, their magnetically charming third roommate, and the surprising genre of books they love to read and discuss. As the blizzard rages, Rose joins the Racy Reverse Harem Book Club, whose members are open to trying just about everything together to get warm.

A standalone novelette by Lina Jubilee, author of the reverse harem urban fantasy series Succubus Sirens.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Feb 14, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Rose and Devi are the only two members of the Romance Book Club to show up at the library for their meeting while a snowstorm approaches. Unable to walk home in that weather, Lance, the model-attractive librarian, offers Rose a ride home while she wrestles between ogling the man and being tongue-tied. Locked out of her apartment, she takes Lance up on his offer to come by and shows up just as they're about to start their own book club meeting, only it's the Racy Reverse Harem Book Club, which is far more scintillating than you might imagine. Rose is in for a surprise as all three roommates are devastatingly attractive and VERY into her.

This is a fun, short story so I didn't have any expectations in terms of strong character building or plot development given the page length. In fact, the majority of the story takes place over one short evening. I really liked the concept behind the story. I love the idea of book fantasies coming to life co-mingled with book clubs, which is what sparked my interest. I liked aspects of the story; particularly Devi and the best friends' dialogue that bounced back and forth at the beginning and end of the story. For me, Devi was the highlight. The roommates (Lance, Vaughn and Rafael) sound like every woman's book boyfriends (because, why choose?) and I like how well Ms. Jubilee made them seem synchronous as they scened together.

As to Rose, more often than not, I thought she came across as a bit of a nutter with her internal thoughts while with the roommates. While I could see what the intent/direction was, it didn't seem to get there. I also have a firm appreciation for writers who do not use flowery word choices when referring to genitalia and while I'm glad that Ms. Jubilee wasn't afraid to use their proper names, the other aspects of the story were overloaded with adverbs and word repetitions to the point that it became comical, which detracted from the overall potential for some sexy good reading.

Obviously, this is my opinion and you will have yours, but for me, the story fell flat. While I give points for intent and effort, the delivery was off.
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