Mage of Inconvenience

Parker Foye
Mage of Inconvenience
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
March 2018
LGBTQ, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

Can they find the magic in a practical union?

West is on the run from his werewolf pack, but if he cannot renew his magical defenses, he won't get far. What he needs is a mage….

Julian is part of a wealthy and ancient family, and one day, his legacy will include his mother's vast library of spell books—and the knowledge he needs to correct his past mistakes. But his inheritance comes with a stipulation: he has to be married before he can collect. What he needs is a husband….

West and Julian can help each other, and at first they don't want anything further. But as they dodge meddling cousins, jealous rivals, and an insidious drug, it becomes clear that their lives are entwined in ways they never imagined—and they're in greater danger than they thought possible.

Book Review by Ana (reviewer)
Mar 03, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When a practical union becomes more than they bargain for, West and Julian start to understand that magic and love can be found in the most unusual circumstances.

West is running away from his pack. To keep himself safe, he needs the help of a mage who can do the spells that will guarantee the safety he needs. Julian is perfect for the job, but West can't afford the kind of magic he needs done. Julian has problems of his own. He's looking for a husband or else he can't able to collect his inheritance, as is explained in his mother's will. West's appearance in his life could be the solution he has been waiting for.

I found myself unable to put this book down. Parker Foye is a new-to-me author so I wasn't sure what to expect of the book but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very entertaining. It got my attention quickly. It is a slow burn romance with a convenience relationship that, as expected, developed into love.

One of the things that I liked the most about it was the fact that their relationship didn't feel forced. I was aware they would fall in love eventually, but it was more of a slow burn development of their relationship. It makes it more believable and more into my usual taste. They both were nice characters. It isn't too romantic and it has low heat level, but it's an enjoyable read. What got my attention was the plot. I liked how, being about a shifter, the paranormal elements didn't rely on this. It took a stronger spotlight to the magic world than the pack dynamics without actually removing it out of the story. It was full of nice twists and some subtle hints for the reader to catch them. It was a nice experience.

The only issue I had about the book was that, being slow burn, it took them too long to get together. There were only a few moments to appreciate them as a couple. Other than that, it was an entertaining book to read.
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