The Transformation

Kathryn Heart
The Transformation


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Release Date
November 2018

Ever since Charlene Madison was born to her single, first-class, prostitute mother Blossom after she'd been raped by a notorious motorcycle gang, she's undergone an unbelievable transformation. It had been this transformation which caused her to have a horrendous social life as a young girl.

Finally, when she started to work for Matthew Sieger, she got a break, she found a great-looking guy who didn't mind her needing to be home before a certain time. This sort of relationship worked out fine for Matthew, since he had his own reason for wanting to be stuck on a date, he was a shapeshifting wolf.

Just before there third anniversary, the real owner of the company, sent his nephew Randolph to take over total control the company. However, in order to take over the company he had to marry a woman in four months.

Matthew, prior to his taking Charlene to their mountain home to celebrate their anniversary, arranged with Randolph to look after his wife and even marry her, should something happen to him over the weekend. Charlene begged Matthew not to go out with his friends, he didn't listen and wound up being shot to death.
After Matthew's funeral, Randolph began seeing Charlene. Charlene knew about his uncle's demand that he marries, and when he told Charlene about his uncle having about only one more month to live, she turned around and asked Randolph to marry her. However, on their wedding night, Charlene had miscalculated the time and wound up going through her shocking transformation right in front of Randolph as he held her in his arms while his finger twirled around inside her cunt.

Did her transformation destroy her marriage with Randolph? Did Randolph accept her transformation as it might be of help in resolving a dilemma, he's been having with someone else now that's he's married? Will these two individuals find the HEA they've been researching their whole adult life? And what secrets involving the characters in this book will be revealed?
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