The Anarchy Tales: The Outlaw of Ironguard

Louisa Trent
The Anarchy Tales: The Outlaw of Ironguard
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Loose Id LLC
Release Date
May 2011
Book 2 of The Anarchy Tales
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

No apology, Ysenda loves cock. Upon occasion, she even loves the man attached. For a night, and not an eventide more. Not that she's fickle or fussy. Nay! Just the opposite. Any lover will do her. Including Almaric, the thieving wizard who seduces then abandons her. And Talon, the murderous overlord who killed her sister, Mitri. See? Not fickle or fussy at all. At eight and ten, she had her way with a fine strapping farmer and never once looked back since. To satisfy a yen to mate, she'd pull a lad on and push him off when she was done, then send him on his merry way, uncaring what became of him. Easy cum, easy go -- that was just the way coupling went.

Until she ambushes Almaric the Wizard on the moors and then schemes her way into Lord Talon's solar at his keep. Whilst the magician's desertion breaks her heart and the overlord's dominance pains her other places, she falls in love with the thieving and murderous bastards despite herself. A quandary. No matter. Revenge is sweet and ‘tis hers for the taking --

All she needs do is betray one Outlaw of Ironguard and assassinate the other.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, strong BDSM theme and elements, dubious consent, humiliation, menage (m/f/m).

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Jul 24, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ysenda lost everything – friends, village, her livelihood and her remaining family member. The civil war between the two royals is tearing her homeland apart. Anarchy rules. Ysenda focuses on only one thing – Lord Talon who has killed her sister, Mitri. She finds a way into Lord Talon's stronghold, posing as Elf, helper to the magician, Almaric. Ysenda is out for revenge. Lord Talon must die.

Ysenda figures out Almaric is hiding something from her, but she uses him anyway to learn what a sophisticated man wants for a bed mate. Almaric tries many ways to dissuade her from whoring herself out. He gives up and leaves it to Lord Talon to figure out. Almaric does have a special connection with Lord Talon.

This is the second in the Anarchy series. The first one, I enjoyed and found to be amusing. This second one was just okay for me. The reason why it's just okay for me is because the conflict is all hinged upon a misunderstanding. There was no proof, only Ysenda's supposition of what she believed to be reality. Some of the stunts she pulled were actually embarrassing for me to read about. I felt embarrassed as a woman for her foolishness.

Almaric and Lord Talon were both hokey. That is the best word I can describe them. Their speech patterns and their thoughts were overly dramatic. I'm not sure if this story is supposed to be tongue in cheek, poking fun of this genre or not.

The story wasn't bad, it was just okay. The characters were not engaging in a way that I felt anything for them. Unlike the first in the series, Almaric, Ysenda and Lord Talon generated no feelings in me. I felt indifferent to their plight. The sexual content and tension was minimal and nothing I would classify as BDSM. It was a bit of fun and light kink, but nothing shocking.

What I did enjoy was the imagery. Ms. Trent did a great job at describing the scenery. I could visualize the magic show, the forest and the keep. The dialog at times was amusing as some old English phrasing was used. I would recommend this book for those who read the first in this series and wanted to read about Mitri's sister. This is a book for those who enjoy settings in historical England.
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