Submissive Beauty

Eliza Gayle
Submissive Beauty
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Resplendence Publishing
Release Date
June 2011
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Eager to understand her secret desires, Gabrielle enters "The Sanctuary." Inside she's immediately torn between fear of the unknown and a craving to learn more, until the lights dim. From the first sound of Thomas' calm and controlled voice, she is mesmerized. With an underlying need in her emotional spirit that requires more than sex, she is easily seduced into a world of dominance and submission under false pretenses.

For Thomas, an experienced Master, Gabrielle is an interesting mix of defiant, naive and submissive. Her sharp mind and wit appeal to him as much as the curves of her lush figure. He accepts the challenge to help train her despite the danger she represents. Long term anything for him is out of the question. If he does his job right, his protégé David will end up the perfect Dom for her and Thomas will move on with his armor intact.

Their journey puts Gabrielle at the mercy of two men who teach her how to embrace her darkest needs within a tight bond of trust. Unfortunately, betrayal lurks on the path to total surrender.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Sep 13, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Deeply rooted in emotion and explosive with intense eroticism and sensuality, SUBMISSIVE BEAUTY was one of those reads that make me fall in love with BDSM romance all over again.

Gabby knows she needs something more. Coming off a bad divorce, she finds herself being stood up by her friend who was supposed to meet her at a BDSM club and watch a violet wand demonstration. She's so taken with the Dom who is giving the demonstration that she starts to imagine herself as the submissive tied up at his mercy on the stage. When said Dom approaches her after the demonstration, she accepts his invitation to be trained by him, not knowing that there are some ulterior motives behind his offer.

Master Thomas is known at his club, The Sanctuary, to be a submissive trainer. He doesn't keep subs for his own, he trains them and pairs them up with other Doms so that he can keep his heart protected. But Gabby isn't like any other sub that he's been with. And when he brings in David, the Dom he's mentoring, the three of them begin a relationship that will change them all forever. Thomas begins to realize that he may not be able to keep his heart shielded from Gabrielle.

As Gabrielle deals with her desires and the freedom she finds in submitting to two men, Thomas decides that he may just want to keep Gabrielle permanently. But when a huge betrayal is revealed, Gabrielle will have to decide if her complete submission is something she's willing to give.

I thought that SUBMISSIVE BEAUTY was intensely emotional, superbly written, and insanely erotic...all the things I have come to expect and love about Eliza Gayle's writing. I thought that the story was very focused on the emotional aspect of a BDSM relationship, and I loved that. The sex was great and all, but it wasn't the thing at the forefront. But, hey having two hot Doms at her disposal was also a very exciting addition.

The plot was also great with a twist that I wasn't expecting, but I think I should have because when I thought about it, a lot of clues were there. But that's what made it so good.

My only complaint was that there was a big reveal that I thought took me out of the story a bit. I wasn't sure if the way the story was written was the way Gabby would have truly reacted. In light of what also happened with her friend, it didn't sit right with me. But that may just be me and my own projection to how I felt about the situation.

Overall, I give this a big five stars. This isn't my first Eliza Gayle book, and it definitely won't be my last. I am impressed by the way she can draw me in with her stories and descriptive writing, just as much as she can keep things steamy throughout the book. I read many novellas by this author, but this was my first full-length novel, and honestly, I was captivated the entire time. I'm hoping to read more of her novels as she did an excellent job with this one!
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