Dream Breakers, Oath Takers

Jacqueline Jayne
Dream Breakers, Oath Takers

Hartwood Publishing
Release Date
January 2019
Book 2 of The Hell Runners Series
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

For more than a hundred years, gifted humans of the ultra-secret Hell Runners Society pledged their lives to rescue lost souls from the First Ring of Hell.

Thanks to a covert mission into Hell's Ninth Ring, Zane witnessed a secret door to Heaven open, releasing every lost soul trapped in the First Ring. In the miraculous wake, the First Ring turned into an empty, white void.

The Society is forced into a risky choice—rescue repentant souls from deeper rings or close its doors forever.

Zane believes the repentant deserve a hand-up and campaigns for the Society to raise the bar. All he needs to sway the council are two things. One—his guns that shoot holy water filled bullets. And two—an oracle that can locate the repentant with visions. But all of the oracles have lost their visions.

All except one—the cold beauty Zane is hoping to defrost between his sheets.

Protected from the Society by her grandmother, Delphine never knew her horrific nightmares were actual visions. But her grandmother can no longer hide the truth. Zane begs Delphine to join the Society. Though the cowboy is handsome and persuasive, she declines. The visions drove her mother insane and she refuses the same fate.

But Zane doesn't accept her refusal. Neither does a council member with his own agenda.

To protect Delphine from drug-induced visions, Zane takes her to his Montana home. There he offers her a deal—she helps him find Swift and her gift will be removed.

She agrees but being sequestered with the cowboy is dangerous. His intellect more than his rugged sex appeal, soft her resolve. She succumbs to his passionate kisses, and for the first time, she falls in love.

Located by the Council, they are forced to run - only to be cornered by the very demon that destroyed Delphine's mother. Without choices, she strikes a deal with the demon and loses her body.

It will take all of Zane's gifts to save her life, but he's certain to sacrifice his soul in the process.
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