Rent Mate

Ash Penn
Rent Mate


Pride Publishing
Release Date
May 2017
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Reality-Based Romance (TM)

Martin ‘Button' Bailey is a twenty-one-year-old rent boy with an aversion to gay men. Liam West is his reluctant flatmate with an aversion to rent boys. Especially those who go by the name of Martin Bailey.

That suits Martin, because it means there's no chance of Liam wanting anything more from him than the occasional argument. Sex is never going to be an issue between them because Liam is one hundred percent straight. He's also in love with their third flatmate, Katie. Even if that love is painfully unrequited.

While it's fair to say that Liam can't stand Martin, he wouldn't want anything bad to happen to the guy. So when Martin comes home one day covered in bruises, Liam can't help but show concern. A concern that is quickly batted aside, until the next night when Martin shows up having been half-drowned in the river.

Reason enough to believe someone is out to get him.

As Liam becomes more embroiled in the mess that is Martin's life, the two men find themselves drawing closer together. And other feelings begin to develop. Unexpected feelings that a budding friendship can't quite cover.
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