Blow Me Away

Christina Hovland
Blow Me Away
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Release Date
February 2019
Book 2 of A Mile High Matched Novel
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

It's all fun and games until somebody falls in love...

Jase Dvornakov has always loved women, 80's hair band music, and things that go boom. He used to disarm bombs in the Navy, but he's back in Denver after a mission overseas went sideways and destroyed his future, including his marriage. Now he arranges flowers in his family's floral business because flowers don't explode.

Cookie-baker extraordinaire, Heather Reese, has had one too many rounds of heartache, so she's sworn off men and prefers to spend her evenings binge-watching game shows. Plus her no-men rule gives her time to focus on her dream come true--Heather's Cookie Co.--her very own bake shop with an underground following for naughty shaped treats. She refuses to be interested in the hot-shot florist across the street. He is trouble with a capital T. Sexy trouble, but still, a hook-up with Jase is a hard nope.

Desperate to avoid his family's incessant matchmaking, a fake breakup with the beautiful Heather is just what the florist ordered. If his family believes Heather decimated his heart, they'll leave him alone. Heather isn't so keen on the idea, but Jase is determined to make it worth her while. When a pretend breakup becomes the real romance neither was expecting, together they'll have to decide if it's finally time to light the fuse on love...

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Mar 12, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's all fun and games until somebody totals a van.

Jase Dvornakov is the hot florist, back in Denver after a Navy mission goes seriously bad. Dedicating himself to the family business, he no longer does relationships and most importantly, doesn't fall in love. Unfortunately, his family feels differently and are hell-bent on fixing him up with a woman. Not accepting 'not interested' as a reasonable response, Jase ends up lying to his family telling them that he just broke up with someone in the hopes that it will grant him a few weeks of a reprieve before they start parading more women in front of him.

Heather Reese, cookie-baker extraordinaire, binge-watches game shows rather than risk another heartache. Swearing off men, she's thrown herself into her work, which includes making some seriously naughty treats. And while Jase is hawt, falling for him is not in the plan.

Reading this story was an absolute blast and I found myself cackling. A lot. Not giggling. Not laughing. Cackling. Because it's that funny. For Heather, life seems to have become a series of mishaps that get exponentially worse the more she interacts with the Dvornakov family--ranging from Babushka expressing her opinion on Heather fake-breaking up with Jase to how prominently the naughty cookies figure into the scenarios. And poor Jase. He can't seem to catch a break and at every turn, Heather seems to be there, through no fault of her own.

Likes: Babushka. She is my absolute favorite thing about the story and all the trouble she gets up to. She's like an octogenarian version of both Thelma and Louise and the best reason to read this story (cackles loudly). She's the glue that holds the seams of this story together, making it possible for Jase and Heather to figure out how much they care about each other and how good they are together. And they are good together. The witty dialogue and flirtations will keep a smile on your face.

This is a romance. This is a comedy. This is a romantic comedy. If you're looking for a pick-me-up story that will have you laughing (cackling), then look no further. BLOW ME AWAY is book 2 of A Mile High Matched Novel and it is a standalone.
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