Rosemary's Double Delight

Heather Rainier
Rosemary's Double Delight
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
March 2011
Book 4 of Divine Creek Ranch
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Rosemary is a firecracker, the one who completes them. Wes and Evan have loved this fierce little ebony-haired beauty since kindergarten, even when she's being a spoiled rotten brat. The brothers still adore Rosemary now that she's a woman, but Evan has issues. Her mouth gets her in trouble, Evan's temper gets him in trouble, and even tempered Wes is always caught in the middle.

Rosemary won't tolerate Evan's controlling ways, especially when he threatens to spank her. Why can't Rosemary just do as Evan tells her, especially when it's for her own good? Wes spends his time making peace, when he'd rather make love. They bring out the worst in each other, and hurt Wes in the process. She won't give up because they're also magical together, when they manage to get along! Add in a hot spanking, a fit of temper, and something's gonna have to give.

Book Review by Michelle R
Jun 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Welcome to Devine Creek Ranch, where love comes in all forms and is sure to curl your toes.

ROSEMARY'S DOUBLE DELIGHT is the fourth book in the Devine Creek Ranch series, based on a town where ménage and other unconventional lifestyles are embraced. Fans of Daly Way, Desire Oklahoma, and Bliss Colorado are going to want to check into Ms. Rainier's series.

As young as five, Rosemary knew she wanted to marry both Wes and Evan. The brothers seemed happy with the idea even as the three split up to go to different colleges across the state. In their senior year, a few short months away from their goal, Evan was lured into the arms of another woman. Tempted by young lust, Evan married the girl who'd given him what Rosemary had been saving for their wedding.

Now, years later, Evan is divorced and working alongside his brother, Wes. Reunited once again, the two set off after their goal once more--to make Rosemary their wife.

But hot tempers, past pain and the challenges of a polyamorous lifestyle don't make the quest easy.

The best part of this book is Ms Rainier's willingness to explore the real issues that keep people from finding the love they desire. So often, we are our own worst enemies. Jealousy, stubbornness, and pride are just a few of emotions explored as these three work to get through the pain and find a way to make a ménage marriage work.

I was new to the series, but had no problem picking up and figuring the town out. I found the language a little on the crude side a little too early. Things were weeping and pulsing long before I had my bearings and had slid comfortably into the story. Now, as you all know, I read erotica like I should be drinking water, but I still need a little warm up and emotional connection before being thrown into the wonderfully crude language that can make a long awaited sex scene hawt. Page one and two… just too soon for me. Save it. I DO want to go there. Trust me on this.
But the characters were cute, and the use of flashbacks to show us how these three literally went from the sand box to the marriage bed gave me a connection and the true reason to root for their success.

I want that girl's shower. Wes and Evan are welcome to come and do a remodel in my bathroom any day. (Shirtless of course)

So all you ménage fans who love series and the opportunity to keep up with familiar faces, this is one to check out. This one is all about the relationship. No suspense or mystery to derail or distract. Perfect for an Ereader download by the pool. Enjoy!
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