The Vampire's Pet

Delilah Hunt
The Vampire's Pet
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Changeling Press
Release Date
December 2010
Erotic Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

For centuries the vampire Mikhail has hunted the Loup Garou, werewolf shifters. Ever present by his side, his faithful she-wolf Kassia, an unassuming pet... until the day he stumbles upon her secret.

A Loup Garou trapped inside her she-wolf body, Kassia suddenly finds herself in human form, complete with the trappings of being a werewolf in heat. Will Mikhail, the powerful leader, cast her aside or keep her to fullfill their each and every desire?

Book Review by Nikki Prince (author,reviewer)
Jul 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I loved the mix of werewolves and vampires in this rich tale of loyalty, lust and love written by Delilah Hunt. The two main characters drew me into the story and their love quickly. Mikhail the perfect Alpha male in the form of a vamp and Kassia the perfect submissive so ready to please her master in any way he wishes in the form of a wolf or human.

Kassia is in love with Mikhail though she fears their love can never be, because they are sworn enemies. For one, she is a Loup Garou in hiding and the sworn enemy of her Master Mikhail and his people. The tension that is built up from the secrecy is exquisite. Kassia is all of a sudden in human form, and she needs to hide it and the fact that she is in heat. I loved where the world was set in because Delilah Hunt describes it so well you can actually see it and feel it. Her scene setting is so realistic in this one can immerse themselves in the Vampire and Werewolf's worlds.

The emotions that were aroused in me by reading this was lust, happiness and at times I was tense with the excitement and fear that would well up because of what was happening within the story. Such a well thought out plot, with well-rounded and sexy characters, it left me wanting for more. All I have to say is Delilah Hunt, please, please come out with a sequel. I want more Mikhail and more Kassia!

This book, my friends, is a keeper, one that I plan to read again and again. For those of you who love fangs and claws, this is a sweet, erotic story for you!

Five stars for sexy vampires, werewolves, erotic scenes as well as romance.
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