A Guardian's Hope

Renee Wildes
A Guardian's Hope
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Champagne Book Group
Release Date
September 2018
Book 2 of Guardians of Light
Fantasy Romance

As a child, invaders butchered Maleta's parents and left her ravaged body for dead. Now, reborn as a finely-honed weapon for the Gray Goddess, Maleta has shed the burden of emotions for one goal—regain her homeland for her brother.

Cianan ta Daneal's mission to the fractured land of Shamar is twofold: to overthrow a despotic queen, and to save a life. For months, he's been haunted by recurring visions of a beautiful swordswoman slaughtered by a skeleton army. He never expected to lay eyes on that woman and recognize her as his Lifemate—or that she'd turn and run like hell.

Uniting Shamar's diverse peoples in revolt is easy compared to the delicate task of wooing a woman who flinches from his touch.

Slowly, Maleta dares to hope that her country, what's left of her family, and her shattered heart are safe in Cianan's steady hands. But when the cold blade of fate strikes true, can she trust his love is strong enough to pull her back from the Abyss?

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Apr 22, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A GUARDIAN'S HOPE is the second book in the Guardians of Light series, and we have Cianan's story. He became the Champion of Light when Loren stepped down. He has been sent far from his homeland by a vision. He must try to prevent a death, when death surrounds both her and him.

I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one, albeit in a very different way. Cianan and Maleta's connection isn't as bright as Dara and Loren's was. This is because although she is a warrior, she had gone through trials that mean she has great difficulty in trusting anyone, especially men. Cianan isn't about to give up though, and his pursuit of her is gentle but insistent. He backs off when she needs him to, but he also shows her that he is there for her, no matter what.

I am loving this land of Goddesses and Elementals. I am completely absorbed into their world when I am reading, and I am loathe to put it down.

An exceptionally well written story, with plenty of intrigue and betrayal. The story is smoothly paced, with no holes. There were also no editing or grammatical errors that I noticed, making this an excellent story.

I adore how the characters grow during the story, both together and separately. Dara and Loren also make small appearances in here, which satisfied my need to know how they were getting on, without detracting from Cianan and Maleta's story.

A fantastic read, highly recommended by me. I will be continuing with this series!
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