A Guardian's Heart

Renee Wildes
A Guardian's Heart
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Champagne Book Group
Release Date
February 2018
Book 1 of Guardians of Light
Fantasy Romance

Dara Khan Androcles was trained from childhood to be a healer. But as a demon-possessed invader threatens Safehold, and she defends a wounded warrior on the battlefield, her hidden inner dragon thirsts for blood.

When she lifts the warrior's blond, blood-encrusted hair away from his ear, she discovers he is more than King Hengist's outlander ally. He is an immortal. The elven heir to the throne of Cymry.

Loren ta Cedric senses something different about flame-haired, falcon-eyed woman who saves him. A healer, wreathed in raw, dark power, who wields knives with deadly skill. A mortal who prays to the Lady, not the human gods. Now he owes this thoroughly distracting female a Life-Debt. Which, in the heat of their flight to Loren's homeland to raise an army, somehow becomes Life-Mate.

Dragon-human and elf, peasant and prince, logic says they have no future. Yet the power of their unlikely bond could be the only thing that saves their world from a demon poised to tear it apart.

Book Review by Merissa (reviewer)
Apr 27, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A GUARDIAN'S HEART is the first book in the Guardians of Light series. We meet with Dara, a healer who has been trained by her father to also fight. Dara's world is about to change, and not always for the better.

This is, quite simply, an AMAZING fantasy romance. From the big bad, to the Champion, from dwarves to elves, human and dragons, there is something here for everyone. This is an adult romance, so expect some steamy action!

I thoroughly enjoyed how this world was set out, from the Lady to the magic. It reminded me of the stories I read as a child, for example the Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist. The world is clear, the races strong and individual. In short, this book had everything I love in fantasy romances.

This is the first book in the series, and I will definitely be reading more. I am not prepared to give this world up just yet! An excellent start, with no editing or grammatical errors that I noticed, plus characters to relate to. Highly recommended by me.

Bring on book two!
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