Siren Beloved

Sophie Oak
Siren Beloved
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
June 2011
Book 4 of Texas Sirens
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Western Romance

Aidan O'Malley left his fiancée, Lexi Moore, and their best friend, Lucas Cameron, after a night of passion left him shaken to his core. Years later, Aidan is back and he knows what he wants. He wants Lucas and Lexi forever.

Lucas has always been in love with Lexi, but he knows they need something more. They need the perfect Dom to complete their family. He never expected Aidan would be the Dom of their dreams.

Lexi is hiding a secret. She knows she's drowning and the time has come to heal, but her anger at Aidan holds her back from moving on with Lucas.

When Lexi's life is in danger, Aidan knows he'll do anything to win them back—and keep them alive.

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
Jul 19, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This author simply blows me away EVERY time I sit down to read her work, so unsurprisingly, SIREN BELOVED amazed me no end. Between the intense emotion, fantastic plot, hilarious dialogue, complex and realistic characters, and of course, the smoldering eroticism, this book was just about perfect.

This is the fourth book in the Texas Sirens series and it features Lexi, who is Abigail's daughter and Jack and Sam's stepdaughter. She's been really having some troubles since her fiance, Aidan, left her after a night with her and their best friend Lucas. Aidan couldn't deal with his bisexuality and his feelings for Lucas, so he left her--really he left them both. Lucas and Lexi have been trying to hold it together since then, but it's obvious that they need something.

After another episode of seriously destructive behavior at the BDSM club, Lexi is put on restriction. Part of her probation is that she has to submit to a new Dom. And that Dom just happens to be the man who broke her heart.

Aidan knows he messed up the best thing he could have ever hoped to have when he walked out on Lexi and Lucas. He's been through hell, and now he's back to claim the loves of his life. He'll do whatever it takes to make them his again and to prove that he's never going to leave them again. But when someone makes an attempt on Lexi's life, Aidan's not only trying to get Lexi and Lucas back, he's also got to keep them from harm.

Ok, there are just so many things for me to go into about this book that make it so utterly fantastic; I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to fit them all in one review but here it goes.

These characters, I think, have become my favorite out of the whole series. *GASP* I know, right. I mean I never thought I'd love any characters more than Abigail, Jack and Sam, but there you have it. Aidan has been through so much and had to be on death's door to see what he really wanted out of life, but it gave him the strength to overcome the huge obstacles he was facing. I loved how much he just put himself out there, even though he knew he might be skewered alive by the people he loves. But he did this because he understood that he had to show them everything if he wanted to get them back. He had to go against everything he had been taught, everything that had made him run the first time in order to achieve his happiness, but he did it.

Lexi was such a surprise to me. Being a bit of a brat in the previous books, I really wasn't expecting her to have so much depth. She's got some secrets and some really big hurts in her life that have made her wear a suit of sarcasm instead of armor. And what's even better is that even when Aidan and Lucas break through that suit, she is still a sassy sub with a sharp wit.

Lucas, who's the rock of the trio, has had such a bad rap. I am so glad that we've gotten a chance to see him shine. He's got such a huge heart and will do anything for those he loves. It's just so sad that he was never appreciated until he found his half-brother Jack.

Besides the characters, the story itself was fantastic. There's suspense, secrets, disappointments, and of course a beautiful love story. The dialogue was great and at times had me rolling on the floor.

Don't let me forget the smokin' hot sex. Aidan and Lucas really set the world on fire as far as I was concerned. The two of them together was like "whew". I really liked the trio together as well. It was obvious when they made that connection that it was right and that they all belonged together. But deeper than the sex was the intense emotional connection they shared. Some of the revelations of the past, while extremely painful and gut-wrenching, brought them together in a way that would bond them forever.

Alright, I think I've blathered on enough, so I think that it's obvious that I gave this a 5 star read. SIREN BELOVED just had everything that makes a story amazing in my book. I also have to say that if you have not read Sophie Oak yet, what in world are you waiting for??? You are truly missing out.
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