The Long Journey Home

A. J. Robinson
The Long Journey Home

Champagne Book Group
Release Date
August 2018
Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Time Travel

What if you knew everyone you loved was going to die?

That's the issue facing Arthur Mayhew. The summer started nice enough. His new girlfriend Hazel was coming to his home, Martha's Vineyard Island, and he intended to give her a grand tour. They saw the clay cliffs, the quaint homes and gentle shores, and then he took her to the cave. An island myth spoke of a window opening on the longest day of the year, a window into the infinite.

It proved to be something else.

In a flash they found themselves back in 1779, and facing a host of challenges. They had to farm, Hazel had to deal with a male-dominated society, and they found love growing between them.

Yet, in the background was Arthur's knowledge of the massacre to come, and his uncertainty over what to do. Interfere and possibly cause a paradox or sit by and let everyone die.


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