Meant to be Kept

Amelia Foster
Meant to be Kept


Limitless Publishing
Release Date
January 2019
Book 1 of Meant To Be
Contemporary Romance

After an alcohol fueled make out session that he can barely remember threatens to derail his marriage, Tanner Carlisle's perfectly ordered world turns to utter chaos. Gutted by his actions, he returns home to Isabelle filled with regret and begging for a second chance. Their eighth anniversary is in forty-three days, and Tanner is determined to use every moment to prove his love, romance his wife, and rebuild the trust he shattered.

However, just as he sets out on his journey to redemption, he is met with the realization that long before his indiscretion their marriage had fallen into a routine of complacency and misplaced priorities. And he finally recognizes that his strong, passionate wife has sacrificed her career, her friendships, and her self to accommodate his needs.

Isabelle is faced with more than just a choice to forgive Tanner, but to choose to ignore the ghosts of her past reminding her of her father's string of affairs that led to the ruination of her parent's marriage. And somewhere along the way rediscover the sassy, spunky girl she lost to daily, mundane life.


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