Cowboy Keeper

Stormy Glenn
Cowboy Keeper
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
February 2011
Book 2 of Blaecleah Brothers
LGBTQ, Western Romance

Billy Thornton is a known troublemaker. He's spent the better part of his life doing whatever his brother Clem wanted him to--from intimidating people to stealing from them. The consequences if he resists are life-threatening.

Billy has spent more than one night healing after his brother got pissed at him. The one thing Billy can't do is allow Rourke Blaecleah to be hurt. Billy has loved Rourke for as long as he can remember, even though he knows it is wrong. The only way he can deal with it is to do everything in his power to keep Clem away from Rourke, and that means putting himself in harm's way more than once.

When Rourke corners Billy one night and kisses him, things come to a head. Rourke realizes that the man he has been looking for all of his life is right under his nose. Billy finds that he might actually be able to experience what loving Rourke is like in real life and not just his fantasies. And both men realize that what they have found together has put their lives in danger because Clem is coming for them, and he's not happy.

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Jul 24, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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COWBOY KEEPER is the second book in the Blaecleah Brothers series. Where the first book was hot and sexy, this book was more heart-wrenching and endearing. Don't get me wrong, it's still a Stormy Glenn book so the hot sex is there. This couple just had a harder time getting to it.

Billy wants nothing more in life than to belong to Rourke and the Blaecleah family. In a misguided attempt keep the man he has been in love with for years safe, he has endured both verbal and physical abuse by his brother, Clem. After sharing an unbelievable and unexpected kiss with Rourke, Billy runs away. When he returns home, he finds out that his brother witnessed the kiss and he barely survives the beating that Clem gives him.

When Rourke Blaecleah catches troublemaker Billy Thornton spying on his brother's wedding, he assumes he is up to no good. After all, Billy has been in trouble one way or another for the last several years. What he didn't expect was the scorching kiss they share or the very protective feelings he now has for the man. Later that night, Rourke once again catches Billy on their land. This time Billy is leaving a note on his truck to warn him about Clem. Realizing that Billy is hurt and that there may be more to the story behind Billy's behavior, Rourke goes into full protective mode.

Not only must Rourke keep Billy safe from his own brother but he has to convince his family and the sheriff that Billy is not the man they all think he is.

This story will pull at your heartstrings. The trauma that Billy has survived at the hands of his brother while awful to read about really helps you understand this character. From the very beginning I just wanted someone to hold him and keep him safe. While the relationship comes together quickly, it was easier to believe since they had known each other all their lives, and for Billy, it was something that he had felt for years. Most of the time, when one character calls another "baby" all of the time it gets annoying, but in this book I understood Billy's need for the endearment to make him feel special and loved.

This story once again shows how strong the family ties are in the Blaecleah clan. Once Rourke told them Billy was his "legend", they all let the past go and fought to keep him safe as well.

The one drawback to the story is we still don't really know why Clem hates the Blaecleah's or why his parents allowed him to abuse Billy. If you are looking for a story of survival and sacrifice, loyalty and love, COWBOY KEEPER is a keeper.
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