Cowboy Way

Stormy Glenn
Cowboy Way
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
June 2011
Book 3 of Blaecleah Brothers
LGBTQ, Western Romance

Matthew McCallister knew coming out to his father, a very conservative minister, would be the end of life in his hometown. With his younger brother, Ruben, by his side, he flees their hometown only to be arrested for kidnapping and theft. But the sheriff of Cade Creek seems to believe in Matty's innocence and suggests that he and Ruben hide out at the Blaecleah ranch.

Matty is in no way prepared for the Blaecleah family, especially Quaid Blaecleah. The man is gorgeous and kind, a combination Matty isn't used to in men he's attracted to. When Quaid proposes marriage as a way to save him from his father, Matty is terrified to agree because he's been used in the past. He's just as afraid to say no. Quaid intrigues Matty in a way he's never experienced. When Matty's father arrives in town and starts making threats, can Matty trust Quaid to keep him safe, or will he be burned again?

Book Review by Tyra Berger
Jul 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In the third entry of the Blaecleah Brothers series, COWBOY WAY, we are dealing with bigotry, abuse, hope and survival. Ms. Glenn pens a story that while at times was difficult to read will have you believing in Happily Ever After.

"I'm gay." Two words that Matty knew were going to change his life. He just had no idea how much they would change it. Growing up in an ultra-conservative household, Matty knew his father, the good Reverend McCallister, would never condone having a gay son. With this knowledge always in the back of his mind, Matty planned for the day when he would make his announcement and be disowned and his father did not disappoint. What was a surprise was when Matty's younger brother asked him to take him with him because he is gay as well.

Knowing they needed to get as far away from their father and his congregation as soon as they could, the two start driving and almost make it to the state line when Sheriff Riley stops them. Thankfully the Sheriff believes that they didn't steal from their father and tells them he knows of a place where they can stay until everything blows over.

Quaid Blaecleah didn't know what to expect when the sheriff called asking if two men could stay with his family. But as soon as he saw Matty, he knew he had found his "legend", that one person that was meant for him. Now he just has to convince Matty without spooking him. Getting Matty to open up and trust him isn't going to be easy but Quaid knows it will be worth it.

Just when Matty thinks he has found a place he can be himself and maybe find a little happiness, a misunderstanding leads to the worst of outcomes.

This book almost felt like an ending to the series. A lot of the questions that were left unanswered in the first two books had resolution in this entry. We all want to believe in love at first sight but the swiftness in which Quaid falls for Matty gave me whiplash. One aspect that I found nice to read was the religious acceptance that was in this book and I thought it was a nice contrast to the vitriol that the McCallister brothers grew up hearing.

I felt the character development was a little lacking when it came to Quaid's character compared to Matty's. The strong family ties that make this so great to read are very much in evidence in this addition. So what's next for the Blaecleah clan?? I guess we will just have to read the next installment to find out and I myself can't wait.

So if you like hunky cowboys who seem to have an affinity for outdoor sex then this is the series for you.
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