Double or Nothing

Shawna Lynn Brooks
Double or Nothing


MiBear Tales
Release Date
July 2018
Book 3 of Shepherdsville
Contemporary Romance

Ellie has spent her whole life covering for her irresponsible twin sister, Eve. This time Eve has really done it. After breaking up with yet another boyfriend, Eve talks Ellie into taking over her job while Eve "finds herself" at a yoga camp. How will Ellie keep Eve's boss from finding out what they've done?

Grant Russell's flighty and irresponsible assistant has pushed him too far, and she has to go. He's inherited a failing business from his uncle, and he has his hands full trying to pull it back from the brink. He can't afford to let Eve mess things up even worse. Except when the time comes, Grant can't bring himself to fire her. Eve has inexplicably gotten herself together, and despite all of his misgivings, Grant finds himself drawn to the new and improved Eve. Grant must save the business before the bank takes it back, but can he trust Eve to help him?

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