In Other Words

Jennifer Woodhull
In Other Words
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Septem Stellae Publishing
Release Date
April 2019
Contemporary Romance

I was that guy you overlooked in school. After all, I was the youngest in every class by three or four years. I was starting my graduate degree when you were going to prom. I learned to enjoy being on my own, though. It hurt when I heard the taunts. Geek. Nerd. Weirdo. Still, I stayed focused, knowning that when I got through with school, I'd be doing work I loved and hopefully, I'd be able to make a difference in the world.

As a teaching assistant, I was prepared to jump in when the coding professor went on medical leave. What I wasn't prepared for was the gorgeous cheerleader who stayed after class to ask questions, and good questions at that. In the years since that day, Sinclair has become my closest friend, my biggest supporter, and the woman who makes me wish someone like me could ever have a shot with someone like her.

After two years in New York, I'm thrilled to be back home in Dallas. My family is here, my new job is here, and best of all, Dex is here. My best friend may have a little more style, and a little more muscle, but he's still the same brilliant, funny, amazing guy I've always crushed on. I even think about telling him how I feel, until he makes it clear his interests are elsewhere on the same night he introduces me to his friend, the most eligible bachelor in Dallas.

During some of the darkest days my family has ever known, Dex is there for me, and we share a moment that makes me rethink all the decisions I've made, and question whether the path I'm on is the right one, or if I've made a horrible mistake.

This sexy, slow-burn will have you rooting for the kind, humble, swoon-worthy hero to finally get the smart, funny woman who has loved him all along.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Sep 06, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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It's mid-summer and whether you're sweating it or remaining cool in the air conditioning, you definitely need a slow burn to keep you entertained and not set your Kindle on fire. Might I recommend Jennifer Woodhull's IN OTHER WORDS?

If you need further incentive, you merely have to check out Dexter. He's all sorts of Geek-hot with a hefty dose of naughty teacher (as in, naughty things I'd like to do to THAT teacher). And then there's Clair, crushing on teacher, and all things Dex. And in between, there's plenty of story development, great characters, misunderstandings, witty dialogue and downright great humor, (un)requited love, family drama, and all-around good storytelling to keep you interested and tapping those pages.

I will confess that there were times that I felt the story drag a bit and really wanted it to hurry along. But I'm not sure if that was actually the story or me really wanting Clair and Dex to get their happily ever after. Whether you are compiling a list of stories you'd want to bring on vacation or one of those one-clickers (high five!), then you definitely want to check out IN OTHER WORDS. Admittedly, I'm now craving tacos.
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