Beach Wedding Weekend

Rachel Magee
Beach Wedding Weekend
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Hallmark Publishing
Release Date
May 2019
Contemporary Romance

You're invited to a sunny beach town
for a witty, heartwarming romance.

When Brody broke up with Paige and went to Europe, he suggested that someday, they'd pick up right where they left off. A hopeless romantic, she believed him.

But when they meet again, Brody's dating a gorgeous actress.

They're all going to attend the same wedding, and Paige plans to win Brody back. She even enlists her best friend's brother, Aiden, to pretend to date her and make her ex jealous. A breezy, charming restaurant owner, Aiden actually avoids serious relationships, but as a fake boyfriend, he's perfect.

As old friends and exes take part in wedding preparations and enjoy the beauty of the Florida coast, they begin to see themselves—and each other—in a new light.

This summer romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe for BBQ Brisket Tacos with Sunshine Slaw.

Book Review by Gabrielle Sally (author,reviewer)
Jul 10, 2019   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Paige is a hopeless romantic. So much so that she's a wedding coordinator, where she strives to make sure each couple gets their dream wedding. Unfortunately, her love of romance hasn't translated to her own life. Thinking she's in love with Brody, she's devastated when he returns from Europe with a new girlfriend in tow. What ensues is operation Get Brody Back with the help of a fake boyfriend, Aiden. There's only one problem. Aiden has "the same effect on her as all of her favorite things".

Likes: This is a charming story. The characters are thoroughly likeable and the character development is really well done leaving you feeling like a fly on the wall in terms of the events taking place. Paige is sweet and funny while Aiden takes charm to a new level, even if he is relationship-phobic. Brody comes across as a bit of a jerk who seems to fall in love (or lust) with the circumstances taking place, but not actually the women. The other characters are all engaging and help to build the story. The story itself is well structured and progresses at an even pace. The location for the weekend wedding works really well in terms of setting and character development.

Dislikes: Could have done with a bit of heat in the story as I wouldn't have minded seeing some passion.

Rachel Magre's BEACH WEDDING WEEKEND is a lighthearted story that would make for a great weekend or holiday read, especially if you're around a lot of people. It's heavy on the warm and sweet and you'll enjoy the chemistry that exists across all the characters.
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