Ribbons of Moonlight

Rebecca L. Frencl
Ribbons of Moonlight

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Release Date
October 2018
Book 1 of Kircaldy Manor
Fantasy Romance, Historical fiction, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Historical Romance, Time Travel

Emma needed to get away, but she never thought she'd go this far!

It was the trip of a lifetime: an all-expenses paid trip to northern England to attend a period wedding at an honest to goodness castle!

On her way back to her inn, in an authentic 18th century coach, she's halted by a trio of pranksters who decided to dress up as highwaymen and waylay party-goers. At least, that's what she thinks at first.

To her horror, Emma finds out all too soon that this isn't an elaborate trick. She's somehow gone back in time to 1773 and Connor, the handsome highwayman who stopped her, is interested in far more than her jewelry.

She's soon caught up in a whirlwind of conflicting desires. Does she listen to her heart and help the roguish Connor on his Robin Hood-like quest? Or does she listen to her brain and try to find the quickest way back to her time? It's enough to make a girl wish she'd stayed home!


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