Blame it on the Rain

Karen Wiesner
Blame it on the Rain


Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Release Date
May 2019
Book 10 of Adventures in Amethyst Series
Contemporary Romance

Tally Johnson can't imagine ever leaving the town she was born and. She and handsome bad boy Adam Schaefer have been an item since high school, but, despite their informal engagement, he's only home two weeks out of every year. With an engagement that's stretched into years, she wonders if he sees her as a convenient stop on the never-ending tour of his life
Donnie Garner's best friend Adam is easy to admire. He's made something of himself as a pilot for a large commercial airline. Donnie still lives in Amethyst, still works in his dad's vehicle repair shop with no other career aspirations, and for once in his life he'd like to be the hero in some amazing woman's life.
Donnie isn't blind to the shoddy way Adam treats beautiful and sweet Tally, cheating on her without remorse and bragging to him about it, while Tally carries on believing the best of him and his future intentions toward her. Almost unconsciously, Donnie finds himself in love with his best friend's girl and trying to make her see she'd be better off with him. But, even when Tally falls in love with Donnie instead, she can't easily turn away from the father of the child she never expected to be carrying…


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