Fox Trouble

Andrea R. Cooper
Fox Trouble

Release Date
December 2018
Book 2 of Modern Fairytales
Action/Adventure Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Can't catch me...I'm the Gingerbread Girl

In the small town of Onyx Springs, Jennifer's gingerbread confectionery is a hot commodity. Too bad her love life isn't exactly burning up, thanks to every guy she falls for turning out to be a douche. Instead of dating, she's focusing on her business.

Chad Taylor has a secret. As a rare silver fox and leader of his clan of fox shifters, he needs to find a safe haven for himself and his people. Trouble is, the spot he feels most connected to lies underneath a bakery owned by a stubborn, ginger-haired woman who won't sell no matter what he offers. Well, there are more ways to win a lady's heart and he's had years of practice. First, he just has to figure out what will make her yield to his charms.

Will Jennifer be able to outfox the fox or will he gobble up her heart?


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