The Mote in Andrea's Eye

David Niall Wilson
The Mote in Andrea's Eye

Crossroad Press
Release Date
September 2013
Action/Adventure Romance, Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Time Travel

A young girl, Andrea Jamieson, loses her father who is trying to rescue a neighbor during a hurricane. She grows up to become a hurricane "hunter" and through her own efforts and those of her husband and colleagues accidentally creates the largest hurricane in history. Then it disappears in the Devil's Triangle. So does her husband, flying over the storm to drop Silver Iodide crystals into the eye. Then, 30 years later, the storm – and the plane, are back. Andrea has a new weapon, a series of pumps, that might stop or divert the storm, but there's little time, and all she really wants to do is track that plane that's been gone so long and reunite with her long-lost husband.


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