Sidhe Warrior

M.R. Kelly
Sidhe Warrior

Release Date
July 2019
Book 2 of Cauldbearer
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements

On the run from the Dalais, Danni finds refuge in a Scottish fortress with the sexy Sidhé Aodhán, the same man who took her virginity. The Dalais seek the stone of destiny, and Aodhán fears they may have the sacred book of magic in their possession. If so, Danni is in even more danger than she realizes. After catching a sweaty Aodhán in the middle of a training session, Danni finds herself drawn to him again, but the entrance of Delci, the house-fey, throws cold water on their would-be tryst.

Before another encounter can take place, a strange woman arrives. To her horror, Danni learns Aodhán has a fiancé he conveniently forgot to mention! Danni is so out of there! She runs off to find her friends. They need to mend the tear in the veil as quickly as possible! A chance encounter with a beautiful Celtic god and Danni finds herself with a ride to Edinburgh.

Aodhán is angry when he learns that Danni has gone, and he and the Cat Sidhé soon hit the road. There is just something about her that he can't let go of. Which means at some point he is going to have to make up his mind as to which woman he really wants, as well as keep the stone of destiny safe from the Dalais. Will he have to lose one to save the other?


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