Hebby Roman


Estrella Publishing
Release Date
September 2019
Historical Romance

Mariel Mendoza wants to marry her beloved childhood sweetheart, Enrique Salazar. As the only child of a prosperous planter, her father is determined she marry a wealthy and respected businessman, Antonio Aguilar. She yearns to elope with Enrique, but he's involved with the revolutionary movement against Spain.
Stricken by the suffering the revolution brings to her island home, Mariel betrays Antonio by stealing documents that will help the revolution while planning to run away with Enrique. Their plans are foiled by Antonio, and Mariel must face the wrath of her betrayed husband.
Mariel confronts the bleak future of an unwanted wife. She learns to run her husband's plantation, nurses her father back to health, and saves his plantation from an unscrupulous overseer. With each accomplishment, she grows as a woman and realizes her heart lies with her estranged husband. Separated by betrayal and distrust, can they overcome their past and fashion a future together?

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