R. Parr


R. Parr
Release Date
April 2019
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Comedy

Toy: a contemporary m/m romance.

Troy the toy isn't looking for a relationship. He gets all the sex he needs whilst working at Priapus: a brothel in inner city Melbourne.

Over the past three years, he has learned to turn himself off and load his Tommy program whenever he is with a client. A saleable commodity in today's consumer society, he is well aware that his cute twink appeal has an expiry date, but he is content for now with the status quo.

That is, until his homophobic high school bully books an appointment.

Seeing Nick Stephanides again after all these years gives Troy's operating system a bit of a jolt. Troy has always assumed that Nick is straight, but Nick is gay, lonely and determined to start a bromance with Troy. How can Troy say no to those broad shoulders?

Troy and Nick begin a tentative friendship, whilst Troy continues to provide good customer service to his clients, some of whom have very interesting requests.

Offering advice and support are his friends at Priapus: Melissa, his manager, who keeps a maternal eye on her boys, Brett, the bear and Ari, the surfie dude, whose passionate love affair is the catalyst for much soul searching, Qiu, the cheery Goth and Damien, the beautiful redhead who, for some reason, tenses up at the mere suggestion that Troy might one day break his dating embargo.

And then there's Desmond the politician, who pays to watch Troy dance.

Of course, Troy's operating system is bound to glitch sooner or later. Will it be Nick who finally sneaks under his defences? There is that ancient proverb about Greeks bearing gifts…

Word count: 90,000 words

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