Busting Up The Bad Boys' Bet

V. B. Law
Busting Up The Bad Boys' Bet

V. B. Law
Release Date
July 2019
Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Comedy, Young Adult Romance

Ally is a very cool chick. She's smart, down to earth, feisty, funny, and perceptive. She may or may not have a ghost on her side – do you believe?

Ally's not falling for false charm and lies. When three guys at her posh new school make her the target of a sex bet, she busts them and takes the money. That's just the start because now these guys claim to be madly in love with her. Is it just a bigger bet? Is she the most challenging prey they will ever hunt? She thinks so and isn't going to fall for it. She tries to ignore them, but some of them aren't giving up.

If you've ever wanted to slap a girl in a story for falling into a trap, you'll love Ally. What if it's not a trap? What would it take to convince a smart girl? How does a poor lovesick guy prove he's changed? Can he redeem himself if he has? Should he ever be forgiven?

Many clichés are turned around in this story. The girl isn't gullible. The current popular girl threatened by Ally's rising stardom isn't really a witch. Parents aren't evil. Even the school sluts aren't that bad. Bad boys may or may not be as bad as they appear, but nothing happens overnight. It will take all school year and maybe the summer as well to sort it out, but the journey will be interesting and funny.

This isn't a story where the girl falls for the bad boy and forgives him with impossible ease. Instead, she'll teach all the boys several lessons and just maybe make them better men. But I don't promise you'll never want to slap her. When you aren't stupid, this world can turn you paranoid.

Warning: Steamy scenes, occasional foul language, and adult issues.

Genre: Young Adult / New Adult, Romance, Comedy, Paranormal

Length: 113,588 words (507 pages)


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